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       GTTM    Translation & Interpreting Centre for all Languages.

Our primary services are translation, document translation and interpretation in all official languages. This includes Chinese, Japanese and English translation and interpreting centers and also centers for all European and Asian languages and more. Our additional services include international hosting, transcribing audio files, audio and video translation, subtitling and document certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, licensed translators (Certified Translators).
We use experienced and committed lawyers and experts in the court of justice in our work, so you can be confident of receiving quality work, competitive prices (certainty of price) and convenience. We also focus on providing services nationwide and worldwide through the internet and other convenient systems. We profess to be a translation company which gives highest importance to customer satisfaction and accordingly cannot allow for disappointed customers, even over any small matter.

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J & C Corp

“The service is very good. I feel confident in the translations because it's easy to read and well understood. Most of the translated work will be official. Uses legal terminology well. Thank you very much”

Khun Thanaphin Wongsrisakul, Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd.
" The staff are enthusiastic in coordinating. Fast, convenient, friendly! "

Khun Gae,  Freeland Foundation
"Your work team sent us good work and spoke well. The interpreter sent was very good and was able to well summarize the data/details/information."

Khun Darunee, UNc Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
"Gave us great help and coordinated well"

Khun Prapaporn, Phayathai Hospital 2
"The staff, the work and delivered work on time. Satisfied with everything"

Khun Preutdee, AACT Accounting Ltd.
"Dr. Anan (Japanese Interpreter) was very professional both in quality of work, operations and qualifications”.

Thiensurat Public Company Limited
"Fast translation and assigned work was received on time”.

Khun Chananya, JSP Better Life Co., Ltd.
"As a first time user, overall, the time was Ok (not long)."

Universal Foundation for Persons with Disabilities
"The staff did well facilitating a convenient event. They arrived early. Thank you very much."

Khun Thida, Thai Agency Service Ltd.
" Very Good Overall, thank you! "


Customers can check the initial price by calling 065-205-2247 (hotline), but the price quoted by phone may change. To know the actual price, customers need to forward all originals for our consideration. Here are several ways to send files to us. By email: / line  ID: @gttm, Telegram: @TonisWills, Wechat: Thailand 0652052247 


Certified document translation by the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In the case of a personal document such as a copy of house registration, marriage certificate, identification card, etc., to be used abroad, it is necessary they be first certified by the Thai government. Our rates are as follows:
Processing Fee 500-1,000 Baht per time (Dependent on each job)
Document Translation Fee 200-800 Baht per page (English/Thai language pair) (Dependent on each job)
Department of Consular Affairs fees 200 or 400 Baht per page (Dependent on notice of Consular Department)
Note (No government fees added from the company. The price level depends on the consideration of the Department of Consular Affairs. A receipt from the Consular Department will be sent to the customer). *check


Processing Fee 500-3,000 Baht per time (Dependent on each job)
Embassy Fees *Embassy of Taiwan, 650 baht per page (No actual additional charge) *check
*Embassy Fees (calculated as per receipt received from each Embassy)
Translated Document Certification by a Court of Justice Expert/Legal Advisor
Court Expert Fee 350-1,500 baht per page (dependent on document) 
Document Certification by a ‘Certified Notary’.
Lawyer Processing Fee 300-2,500 Baht per page/set (dependent on document)


Processing Fee 50 Baht per page
In case of customer translating themselves and then requesting our seal, we will refuse the job.
 CERTIFIED DOCUMENT TRANSLATION by Embassy or Licensed Translator
Processing Fee 500-1,500 Baht per page
Certification of Translated Document by an overseas Certified Translator or institution.
Processing Free Please inquire in each case


Please call to inquire. Price is dependent on job content, type, language, location and country.



***The above prices do not include 7% VAT ***

*** The above prices do not include the delivery of documents by post.
In the event that the customer wishes to have the original documents sent by post, the customer must pay the cost of postage which may be different depending on the location, both domestically and overseas.


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