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Open, honest, straightforward, verifiable

1 GTTM  “We are pleased to present a translation sample to executives before approving any job”.
For large-volume jobs and those with technical terms, this allows customers to check quality before approval, especially where these jobs have high budgets and emphasis on high a quality.

2 GTTM     Handling work professionally for all types of customers.
2.1 Government (and semi-government)
GTTM is a registered merchant with the government sector. Many government agencies choose us. We are able to submit tenders or bids via electronic system immediately and without delay. History shows we always complete a job.
2.2 Private Sector
GTTM supports billing systems for large organization customers with payment processes /procedures and we able to support the customer's credit systems.
2.3  Public Sector
GTTM serves both Thai and foreign nationals, globally and internationally. Documents can be submitted for certification at the Department of Consular Affairs, embassies and Notary Public Courts and can be sent abroad to most countries. We use both domestic and international postal services for our translated and certified documents.

3. GTTM is pleased to offer our translation services in all official languages from all countries worldwide all in one place!
We support translations, translation of documents, product labels, manuals, etc. distributed globally to customers everywhere.        *This Thai paragraph repeats itself a lot. Check perhaps.
We coordinate with customers efficiently to reduce waiting time. No need to contact numerous language translation centers, as GTTM integrates all language translation services into one place.

4 GTTM   Provide all lines of translation services.
4.1 Document translate – send files in PDF and WORD form or by post.    *check
Support for Artwork, Graphic Design and                DTP -  Delivery to printers and printing centers.                 Both color and Black & White with all forms of binding.
4.2 Source and provide interpreters for all languages, in and outside of Thailand.
4.3 Translation and Certification - Services for translation of all formats
- For overseas study
- For overseas travel
- For conducting business overseas
- For marriage with foreigners
- For certification of signatures and                               birth certificates
- For submission of bids with government agencies. (Translation according to government regulations)
- For working overseas
4.4    Dubbing presentations (for organizations or other)
4.5   Produce subtitles
4.6   Interpreting systems for National             Meetings
4.7 Translate and re-compile into colloquial/everyday language
4.8 Language grammar checking service for theses
4.9 Translation systems /service for Tour guides, factories, work observation, exhibitions
4.10 Translation services for large international meetings which require listeners from many countries using translation signal systems through headphones to translate to the audience to enable listening to live lectures. *Check

5 GTTM Maintain continuous translation standards and quality.
5.1 Language personnel who have been carefully screened
5.2 Documents are checked carefully (must pass the test at least three times) before being sent and reaching the customer.
5.3 Guaranteed quality translations.
5.4 Document files are well arranged, similar to the original, before they are returned to the customer to enable easy calibration of the translation.