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From Mr. Shimizu  Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.
Used our interpreter service for a meeting (Chinese-English) “This time we achieved our meeting successful approximately with your interpreter cooperation. Thank you very much for your cooperation."

Office of Agricultural Research (Khun Khao team) Used interpreter service (Chinese-Thai)  Rice research project
 “Translation was very good, flowed well and they kept things in order and took good care of those who attended. I liked it”.

Crathco LTD  From khun Somchai Owart
Interpreter service (Mandarin –Thai)
“The interpreter was very attentive in his work and realized the importance of the work. They helped to make the event a success and were of great use.

From Khun Noot, Hemaraj Easter Seaboard Rayong
Used our Document Translation Service (Japanese-English)
“We were most satisfied in the translation work”

From Khun Pattama TRW Fuji Serina Co., Ltd.
Used our interpreting service         
"Most satisfied with Khun Tuk (interpreter) who has skill and expertise in quality, uninterrupted translating. Made the event work well, was courteous and responsible in her duties.

From Khun Pornchai Sappapitayayakon,  Next Can Innova Co., Ltd.  Used our Japanese-Thai factory interpreting service.
"Staff perform their duties as assigned, were attentive and able to learn quickly on the spot.”

From Khun Mu, TSKT CO., LTD  Used our Japanese-Thai interpreter service
“Khun Pook is very hospitable, good in looks and especially in emotions. Is able to keep control well, despite encountering problems and obstacles. Suitable for ceremonies.”

From Khun Wilai ,   Pan Noi, Shinken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Used our Japanese-Thai business interpreter service.

“Was able to use the information to meet the needs of the company well."
"Able to learn of problems and solve them quickly"   “Has a good and wide knowledge of various matters”
“Friendly and doesn’t make participants feel too stressed”

Ms.Wilaichom Khomphong, KS Logistics Co., Ltd
“Translated very well and the price is cheap. If our company has more translations, we will use this service. "

Khun Kae, Freeland Foundation
The team delivered was good. Worked well. Spoke well. The interpreters sent summarized the information well and studied the information well first."
Khun Darunee, UMC Electronics (Thailand) Company Limited
“Provide good assistance and co-ordination”                             

ALL ON HOME PAGE ALREADY (and translated)

Kanongdech B. The Lakes Condominium Juristic Person    
 "The overall support is good and professional."

Ms Jiraporn Seka New Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
“Very impressed with Khun Ketkaew. The service was friendly and very cute. When our documents are sometimes needed urgently, they are able to help us. And most importantly, never use words that are impolite or problematic to us at all. Will continue to be a customer of GTTM.”

Premier Products Public Company Limited
Responding quite well to urgent jobs, and was done very well. "

E-Home (Thai) Co., Ltd.      "Already good"
Khun Bancha  “ The service is impressive”

PM Learning Center Company Limited
“Everything was very good, especially Khun Apisit. Nothing further to add as the service is already good”

Khun Chalongrat
"Satisfied at a very good level. Able to meet the customers’ needs in quick time."

Khun Thanin Thornbamrakit
“Khun Kaew is so lovely!”

Ms Kamonthip, Approach Engineering Co., Ltd.
“Lovely staff. I like all the feedback. Makes me confident, as they don’t go quiet on the customer.”

Pruksa Real  Estate Public Company Limited
“What was done was OK. Good Service”

Khun Nichapa          "Price-Reasonable price”

Khun Tida - AsahiKasei Plastics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
"There are no comments. Already good. The price is acceptable. No more. "

Khun Suchitra - Sikarin Public Company Limited
 "Good service always"

Khun Pontawee
“The price is not too expensive. Is at a level that can be used continuously. Good service – impressive."

Ms. Darun Wongsakul - Perfect Resource (TH) Co., Ltd.
“Very good service”

Khun Suwannee
“Good service. Have always used their service.”

M.S. Beautyline Co., Ltd.    
“Khun Appisit contacted us and cooperated very well”

GlaxoSmithKline (Thailand) Ltd.
"Good service. There are translation services that are not prevalent, such as Karen. Fast, quite on time."

Khun Juraiporn  
"Price is OK. The translation quality is very good compared to other translation companies."

HighEducation Co., Ltd.
“Good speed in doing the work and in a suitable time.”

AgriPure Holdings Public Company Limited
“Satisfied. Work done as requested within time limit.”

TC Subaru (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
“From my many times using this service, my first impression of the staff member named “Phert” (no longer there) was that he was very attentive to the customers.  She spoke in a pleasant voice and worked fast, showed courtesy and therefore impressed me and made me confident the work would come out well. And every time I had a job, I would always give it to her though, currently, she’s not there.
But I still have trust in the translation”

Khun See,   Siam International Co., Ltd.  Used our document translation service (Norwegian –Thai)    
“I consider the service to be very standard.”

Khun Fonthip Verztec Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.
Used our translation service (Thai-English, English-Thai).
"Thank you to GTM for always providing quality translation services. The price is friendly and the work coordinator is always pleased to provide service. "

Khun Panadda, Sanki Eastern (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Used our translation service (Japanese-English).
“The service was of a satisfactory level”.

Khun Ming uses our translation service (English-Thai)
"Received the job quickly and the translation was very much in order. Khun Woraphan is very good. I would like GTTM to provide good customer service like this forever."

Khun A,  Ajin Jin Co., Ltd.
Used various translation services:
    Thai-Khmer                 Thai- Myanmar
   Thai –Lao               Thai -Indonesian
    Thai- Malaysian           Thai-Chinese
"As the job is to translate the sentences used in writing songs and singing, we wanted to have both the correct meaning and the correct accent. At GTTM, this was very convenient. They have all the required languages and could also check the accuracy of the accent. And the communication is fast. Thank you very much and please continue to maintain this good quality. "

Customer, Administration Outsourcing Co., Ltd.
Used a Spanish-English translation service.
"The service is very fast. Immediate reply. Able to compare prices with other places. English content translated well and understood when read also."

Khun Ket, a freelance professional
Used the Danish-English language translation service.
"Work fast, good quality and reasonable price."

Khun Chanyanit   Freelance professional
Used Thai-English translation services.
"The service is fast, very good. The work content  satisfactory. Told many friends about the translation service and will use the service in the future”.
Khun Sun, Princo Co

Used Chinese-Thai translation service.
“Always maintain quality and meet standards. We will continue to support and use your services”.

Khun Nutcha, an independent professional, used our Thai-English translation services.
"Works quickly."

Khun Ploenaphat, KGK Engineering (Thai) Company Limited, used our Indonesian-English translation services.
“Convenient and fast service. Coordinators spoke politely and friendly. Affordable price for the translation. Felt it was better than expected and showed the translators have very good knowledge and translation skills. The language level used was reasonable, not too easy and not too difficult. Translation into business language appears professional.”

Khun Ann, ANNA RICHY Company used our Thai-English translation service.
"Indicates he has heart for the job. Explains the job very clearly. Makes it easy for the customer to understand and doesn't waste much time with inquiries. The Coordinator spoke well, not too fast or too slowly".

Khun Siriwan, THE ASPIRERS GROUP CO., LTD. Used our Thai-Laos translation service.
“OK. Work was done quickly.”

Khun Chalermrat Kerdloi, Sumitomo Bakelite (Thailand) CO., LTD. Used the Thai-Japanese interpreting service.
"Very good service. Smooth coordination. Quality work. Reasonable price."

Khun Ice, Ferpreuse (Thailand) Co., Ltd. used Chinese-Thai translation services.
"Most satisfied. Impressed with fast service. Able to answer questions immediately. Please keep this kind of good service forever."

Khun Nilawan Sukhumpanich Co., Ltd. uses Thai-English translation services.
"Most satisfied. Translated documents as required.
Worked systematically to good standards”.

Khun Daran, Perfect Resources (Thailand) Co., Ltd. used Chinese-Thai translation services.

"Very satisfied. Work is professional and fast response to emails so no need to worry about work problems. Also, the coordination is smooth. Very much impressed with the work”.