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      GTTM : specializes in the translation of all types of documents, simultaneous interpreting, document certification, and video/audio transcription. To serve you better, GTTM is always expanding its language related service

     Our services cover all 190 of the world's official languages. Our goal is to be able to provide language services of every type, covering every country in the world, with the highest standards of quality. Our customers keep coming back because we place the greatest emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality of their intellectual property.


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Company Logo


Description of the company Logo
The earth surrounded by ears of rice and a diamond hovering over the earth.
The most valuable gemstone in the world, likened unto the work of the company in regards to the phrase 'only the best translation'. This signifies the company’s operations that employ a system of double-checking, also by always taking quality into account and including the emphasis given to the protection of the confidential property of our customers.

Diamond grains of rice 
Reflects the importance of language as likened unto rice as a staple food that is indispensable. This communicates the integrative nature of grains of rice, which has implications for working as a team.
This communicates that the company’s work includes all continents and all languages around the world.

GTTM is a company that has steadily grown from its humble beginnings as a small business that was started by a single individual that translated only English documents for a period of 2 years. Later, a shop was opened in the university district under the name Three Aor Services. Three years after that, on May 26, 2009, the company was registered as a medium-sized business under the name ANU Work Group and provided language services in 186 official languages throughout the world as well as many other international business services. Again, a year and a half later, the business had grown so well that the company was then registered as a limited company in order to reach the goal of expanding into the multinational business world and further align with the objectives of the company. Additionally, the number of official languages increased to 190 worldwide.  
Advance into the role of a global translation company that is committed to help society through existing language abilities in order to use language as a tool to create world peace.
Only the best translation
Concept of service
 - Provide customers with the best possible services.
 - Assist fellow humans, no matter what race or language to be able to communicate with together. 
Company name and meaning
The name of our company, GTTM means “an organization that is a source for translators for every language, providing worldwide services as a team through an online network”