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Quality Control System

In order for the client’s translation to be of the highest and most professional quality, we have devised the following system:

1. Selecting skilled translators
Every translator is required to complete a language ability examination and pass a preliminary evaluation prior to beginning actual work.
2. All translators are required to sign contracts
One of the requirements for working as a translator is that translators do not have permission to disclose customer information at all. They must agree to uphold the confidentiality of our clients.
3. Selecting tasks that are appropriate to the translator's capabilities
Once the company has received a translation job from the client, our team will select a translator whose expertise and ability is as closely related to the contents of the original document as much as possible, so that only work of the highest quality is delivered to the client.
4. Attentiveness to a two-level system of verification
Level 1 - When a translator has completed the translation, the translated document will be sent to equally or more capable translators to verify such factors as the accuracy of the translation, word usage, specific technical terms idioms, eloquence, communicability, etc., in order for the translation to be of the highest quality and accuracy.
Level 2 - When a translation has passed the first level of verification, the above documents will be sent to a proofreader to verify the accuracy of spelling and formatting so that the customer may receive a translation that can be understood immediately upon reading without causing any confusion.
5. Translating work with a team of consultants
Some types of translations, in addition to requiring a two-level system of verification, also require a team of specialist consultants due to content that involves a wide range of subjects and languages. For example, the need for transliterations of other languages from the original translation of specific locations and names, as well as the inclusion of explanations for a deeper understanding of the meaning of certain words that have no equivalent in the other language. This will cause the translation to be of a high quality.
6. Collaborating with customers
In addition to quality control systems and maintaining confidentiality as stated above, in order to provide our customers with work that meets their every need, our company will always work together with our customers. This is because sometimes some specific terminology or technical terms are only used within their company or niche aspects related to the customer. In such a case, it is unlikely that our translator can begin the translation without previously working with the client.
7. Arranging documents
For some translations, the customer may request that the company arrange their documents in various formats to facilitate the convenience in utilizing the translation. We are happy to serve our customers in any way that we can. Customers can inform us if they require this service. There may be additional costs involved.
8. Timeliness guarantee
Punctuality is equally of utmost importance to us as the quality of our work, because tardiness could potentially cause a great deal of damage to the customer. Obviously, even if a translation were of the very best quality, it may be meaningless if the translation cannot be utilized due to exceeding the required deadline. To ensure maximum customer confidence, we, GTTM, are sincerely committed to delivering services on time. For this reason, the company has set up a "Commitment to Guarantee Timeliness" system. Through this system, if the company is unable to deliver your work according to an agreed deadline, our company is willing to offer an immediate 35% discount of the total cost of such contracted services, and you are also welcome to an additional 35% discount for future services. The total value of such a breach in the contract is 70% of the total cost of that particular job.
9. Storing customer information
The work of our customers will always remain stored securely within our company. This is so that if a customer uses our services again, we will be able to access the information or work that was previously provided for by the customer and examine it to align it to present or future work, so it is a continuation of the previous work in order to achieve the highest level of quality.
Note: Any translation that a customer requires must be in accordance with the 9 standards of the Quality Management System may consequently incur an increase in price. If a customer desires the utilization of the quality control system above, please inform us so that we can mutually draft a contract.